David Reed

Age: 10 years


Therapies you have done: OT, PT, ST and therapeutic horseback riding


Current Activities: David currently competes in special olympics swimming and has won several gold and silver medals for 25, 50 and relay meter races. David is also an avid horseback rider and enjoys photography. He loves music and memorizes song lyrics very quickly. He can play name that tune and recognize many song titles within the first two notes played. He can frequently be found belting out top 40 tunes along to his radio or iPod.


Typical vacation: David loves to travel! He is also a restaurant connoisseur, frequently choosing our locale/cuisine and ordering his own food. He loves to visit family in Hawaii and Texas, and is always up for a road trip.


Level achievement at school: David is in 4th grade and reads pretty close to his grade level. His favorite subject is math and he is currently working on his multiplication facts.


Social: David is well liked by his friends and goes to birthday parties, participates in community events and typical summer camp.


Age: 9


Previous therapies: Speech, occupational, physical, music therapy (long time ago), and aquatic therapy (also long ago)...still receiving speech and OT


Activities: Girl Scouts, karate, 2 times a week in a typical class-orange belt, piano lessons, dance-jazz and hip hop-in typical classes, and Life Group at church (meets weekly with a group of neurotypical girls...they do mission work, socialize, learn about real-life lessons)


Bannie attends a private school, where the ratio is 1 teacher for 6 kids. Currently, she is in the 3rd grade on a regular curriculum. Her teachers do an excellent job providing differentiated instruction. This is Bannie's first year here, and she is thriving.


Any vacations or activities that our family does, Bannie is an enthusiastic participant. We like to go sailing, skiing, to the beach, lake, Disney....you name it! Socially, Bannie is well-loved by all who know her!